About Us

We are a ministry that adds value to your life and helps you with your personal transformation. This enables you to step into the fullness of God's design and purpose for your life.  





Dr. Mary Oliver is the founder of Open Heart Ministry and has a  burning passion for transforming lives by helping people achieve their truest potential. She has over 30 years of experience in pastoral and professional counseling, coaching, and Christian leadership. She is an author, speaker and a revealer of God’s heart. Mary uses a holistic approach and combines spirituality, scientific concepts, energy medicine, and nutrition in an approach that aligns spirit, soul and body, resulting in amazing breakthroughs for the people she ministers to. She holds licenses and degrees in pastoral naturopathic medicine, theology, counseling, nutrition, bodywork and naturopathic medicine. Mary can be reached through this ministry and at DrMaryO.com






Dr. Stephen Saunders and his wife Michele are pastoral leaders with Mary sharing in the common vision of building restoration retreat centers.  

Dr. Stephen Saunders is ordained through Open Heart Ministry. He is an excellent teacher of the Word, and as a chiropractor, he is passionate about the message of Biblical health. The body is considered  the temple of the Lord. Stephen delivers integrative therapies and education to the Body of Christ  to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Dr. Stephen has his Chiropractic office in Kirkland Washington and can be reached at ministry or  http://www.saunderschiropractic.com 







Michele Saunders is an ordained pastor with Open Heart Ministry. She is passionate about God's truth and love transforming our lives and our land to bring us into wholeness—abundant life spiritually, emotionally and physically. As a musician her music brings you on a journey through landscapes of rest, healing and restoration. She is a musical and visual artist who loves to creatively play with color and sound. She can be reached through the ministry and visit her website play2openmusic.com 

They work with an amazing ministry team together as facilitators in restoring health and wellness.


About Open Heart Ministry




Open Heart Ministry was established in 2001 and was recognized as a non-profit church and ministry organization in 2003. We have a big vision to establish holistic health healing campuses worldwide for people suffering from life defining illnesses and to educate the community on living with biblical guidelines for whole health. We believe that God is the source of all wisdom and knowledge and that we need to apply His wisdom to our health and life. Although these centers will be Christian based each campus does not require any person seeking help and who qualifies, to be a part of any religious organization. Our desire is to set all people free from oppressive life defining illnesses and encourage transformation through holistic healthy lifestyles.  To learn more of our vision click here.

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