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Mary has a passion for transforming lives by helping people heal from their past, address their health challenges (spirit, soul and body) and move into their potential.

She has over 30 years of experience in pastoral and professional Christian counseling, personal and health coaching and leadership.


Counseling vs. Coaching

Counseling is moving someone from health issues (spirit, soul and body) to functionality.
Coaching is moving someone from functionality to potentiality.

Counseling is predominantly focused on the past and present.
Coaching is predominantly focused on the future.

Mary uses a holistic approach and combines spirituality, scientific concepts, energy medicine and nutrition in an approach that aligns spirit, soul and body, resulting in amazing breakthroughs for the people she ministers to. 

Need Help? Do you want to move from the past that is holding you back now and propel into your better future?

You will argue for your greatest excuse. It is time for you to change!

I have helped so many in the last 30 years to move from the past and present and realize the dream of their future is now.

To do nothing is to stay stuck.

A question I ask many is "do you have regrets?" And many say yes.

God wants YOU to fulfill your hearts desires that was the reason you were created for.

Add value to yourself!


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