PrayerCare Therapy

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PrayerCare Therapy™ is a ministry of holistic healing

founded with biblical principles and wisdom on issues pertaining to wholeness—the whole person, spirit, soul, body, heart and brain.

Paul, in his letter to the Thessalonians says, “May God Himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

PrayerCare Therapy is a Christian ministry of holistic healing and transformation, founded on biblical principles with the Hebraic understanding that you are created as a holistic being. Every aspect of your spirit, soul, and body are an interwoven tapestry of the Master’s hand.

PrayerCare Therapy uses prayer with natural modalities to find the specific root of dis-ease and deliver a biblical health model for healing the whole person.

Module One—Functions of the Inner Self— Spirit, Soul and Body

This module gives you as the healer, a clearer understanding of the relationship that your spirit, soul, body, including your brain and heart are expressing unhealed hearts of the past. You will learn how each functions holistically while understanding their separate functions as well.

Module Two—Your Secret Mind

You will delve deeper into the understanding of your personal spirit, your subconscious memory, which I call your secret mind and early childhood memory. Ways to heal the memories will be explored.

Module Three—Energy & the Quantum Realm

Gain a clearer understanding of Energy and the Quantum Realm, Meridians and their Biblical Origin, and the Power of Belief and Thought. As Christians you are seated in the heavenly places above all powers and principalities. Learn to access the places of the Kingdom and release the Kingdom here on earth.

Module Four—Your Life History is Your Biology

You or your clients history may be the cause of physical and emotional symptoms that are being expressed in the present.  Learn what feelings are associated with memory in your body. The organs, muscles and emotions associated with them will be explored. Modules 7 through 10 will take you deeper in ministering to others by accessing issues surrounding the whole person.

Module Five—Create a Safe Place

This module looks at the soul and emotions and their influence on your health. You will explore creating a safe place to be used should trauma issues come up or to help your clients with a sense of safety. Mary will take you through online process of creating a safe place for yourself. For many this becomes the “meeting place” to connect with Jesus on a daily basis.

Module Six—Biblical Tapping for Healing

Learn to do Biblical Tapping by putting off the old man, and renewing your mind. Learn why it works with past memory and helps to unlock stuck brain systems that inhibit wellness. Other ways of unlocking brain systems will be discussed including the Timeline Spiral. Mary will review the biblical origins of Chinese medicine and show you a simple way of tapping through emotional content.

Module Seven—The Pathways of Light

Understanding the Pathways of Light. This module covers the Governing Pathway (Spine, Central Nervous System) and the Central Pathway (Brain, Spinal Cord)
You will learn to understand the seasons, elements, sounds & colors, along with emotions, vertebrae associated and what the imbalances to the system are. Nutrition recommendations and healing prayers included.

Module Eight—The Summer Pathways of Light

Pathways of Light: Heart, Heart Protector, Small Intestine & Endocrine, including the seasons, elements, sounds and colors, emotions, vertebrae, imbalance, nutrition recommended and healing prayers.

Module Nine— Late Summer, Autumn Pathways of Light

The  late summer pathways of the Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas will be explored and the Autumn Pathways of Lungs and Large Intestine will be explored. This module includes the sounds, seasons, colors, emotions, vertebrae, imbalances and nutrition with prayers.

Module Ten—Winter & Spring Pathways of Light

Winter pathways of Kidneys & Bladder And Spring Pathways of Liver and Gallbladder.  And a continuation of the seasons, elements, sounds, colors, emotions, vertebrae, imbalances, nutrition, and healing prayers associated with these pathways of light.

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